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English Language Program (ELP)

EL Summer School

EL Program Philosophy

The purpose of the Bloomington English Language (EL) Program is to prepare EL students to perform at grade-level or above. Our goal is to meet the linguistic, academic and cultural needs of the students. We advocate for the use of students' home language and development of early literacy skills at home and in the classroom because those literacy skills will transfer to English. 

EL Instruction at Bloomington Public Schools  

The Bloomington EL Curriculum uses language standards that are connected to the Minnesota State Standards.  EL teachers in Bloomington teach students the language, vocabulary and background information that are necessary for students to acquire English and learn grade-level content. 

Service Model

Bloomington uses a collaborative model. In this model the EL and classroom teacher coordinate instruction to ensure that both the language and content needs of the English Learner are being met.  In addition to providing explicit instruction in language acquisition, EL teachers identify the language support students need to master the content while the classroom teacher provides the content expertise.


Beth Stenglein
EL Supervisor
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