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Summer SLAM

Effective Tuesday, July 16, all Summer SLAM classes and programs will be moved from Olson Middle School to Jefferson High School for the remainder of the summer schedule. For those who are registered, Extended Care will also be moved to Jefferson.

Jefferson is located two blocks east of Olson at 4001 W. 102nd St. Please enter through Door #1, the school’s main entrance.

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Critical Illness Insurance

ING Compass Critical Illness Insurance

All part-time and full-time employees are automatically covered by Critical Illness Insurance through ING. This benefit, recommended by the Labor Management Committee and approved by the School Board, is being paid through our self-insured medical insurance fund. This plan provides a one-time tax-free lump-sum benefit of $2000 payable upon diagnosis of pre-defined critical illnesses – cancer, heart attack, coronary artery bypass, stroke, kidney failure, major organ failure, paralysis or coma. If you experience one of these diagnosis, you will receive a check sent directly to your home, which can be used to help pay deductibles, prescriptions or whatever you wish.

The $1.09 semi-monthly premium ($26.16 annually) is treated as income for tax and social security purposes. You will see "Taxable Critical" a non-wage item of $1.09 each pay period. You may opt out of this benefit by contacting Mary Gorman in Human Resources at 952-681-6444.

Critical Illness is portable.  This means that if you terminate your employment with the district (resignation or retirement) you can convert the insurance to an individual plan. Please contact Mary Gorman in HR if you want information on this benefit. 

How to Submit a Critical Illness Claim

  • Each claim will require three forms - one from the employee, one from the doctor and an employer form from the District.
  • To request claim forms, please contact Mary Gorman in HR (952-681-6444) or email
  • Once all forms are completed, they should be submitted to:
    VOYA Claims
    PO Box 320
    Minneapolis MN  55440

A claim check will be mailed to your home address upon approval of your claim.

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