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Skyward is our Finance and Human Resources system. 

Having trouble logging in? Please contact Kim Agate at

What Do I Have Access To?

Employees can log in to Skyward to access their own payroll and personal information online at any time.

Payroll Information

  • Checks (Print Stubs)
  • Check Estimator
  • Calendar YTD
  • Fiscal YTD
  • History Report
  • W2 Information
  • W4 information
  • Time Off StatusPayroll Information

Personnel Information

  • Name, address, phone
  • Lane/Step History (if applicable)
  • Professional Development
  • Assignment(s)
  • Certification(s)

How Do I Log In?

Take these two easy steps.

1. Click here, or use the following web address.
2. Use your District login to access Skyward.

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