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A variety of schedule options are available to students who are enrolled in BEACON during the day. Students who are enrolled as a full time and extended day student will be able to take advantage of the online learning curriculum through APEX, teacher led instruction or packet based instruction. When scheduling students, BEACON staff will work with the student to find the best possible outcome/timeline towards a high school diploma.

Full Time/Shared Students at Kennedy High School

Period 1  - 7:50-8:52
Period 2 - 8:53-9:56
Period 3 - 9:57-10:59
Period 4 - 11:00-12:00
Lunch - 12:00 - 12:30 (Closed lunch - Students utilize Kennedy High School cafeteria)
Period 5 - 12:36-1:38
Period 6 - 1:39-2:37

  • Full time BEACON students are enrolled for the entire day.
  • Full time enrollment is open to students who are in 11th or 12th grade and who are enrolled in Bloomington Public Schools.
  • Shared students will attend some classes at Kennedy and some at BEACON.
  • Students follow BEACON schedule for lunch.
  • Students will earn 1 trimester per class period.
  • Each class has less then 20 students with teacher instruction.
  • Work program credit available to students.
  • Independent Study and Classroom instruction schedules will be based on credit need/Beacon openings. 
  • BEACON follows the district calendar for events and activities.

Hybrid Day Option at Jefferson
Open to 11th and 12th grade Jefferson students who need credit recovery during the school day. Contact school counselor for more information.

Extended Day Option

Starts after holiday break each school year (first week in January).

BEACON offers credit recovery classes Monday and Tuesday starting in January. Students must attend two sessions per week in order to finish a class.

BEACON Satelite program is located at Jefferson. This program is an extension of BEACON. The class schedule TBD starting in January.

A referral from the students school counselor is required to attend the extended day option. A letter will be sent the parent/guardian 2-3 weeks before classes begin.

For more information, call 952-681-5056.