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Summer SLAM

Effective Tuesday, July 16, all Summer SLAM classes and programs will be moved from Olson Middle School to Jefferson High School for the remainder of the summer schedule. For those who are registered, Extended Care will also be moved to Jefferson.

Jefferson is located two blocks east of Olson at 4001 W. 102nd St. Please enter through Door #1, the school’s main entrance.

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Q-Comp was enacted through a bipartisan agreement in the Minnesota Legislature in July 2005. It is a voluntary program that allows local districts and exclusive representatives of the teachers to design and collectively bargain a plan that meets the five components of the law:
  1. Career Ladder/Advancement Options
  2. Job-embedded Professional Development
  3. Teacher Evaluation
  4. Performance Pay
  5. Alternative Salary Schedule
Bloomington will receive $260 per student for the program ($169 per student in state aid and $91 per student in levy approved by the Board on December 12, 2011).


Further information can be found on the BFT website.
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