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Family Tech Tips

Student Device Agreement

Students and parents are asked to read and sign a student device agreement each year regarding the issuing of Chromebooks to students. Click below to access the agreement and additional information.

Filtering the Internet

Chromebooks will be filtered at home in the same way they are at school. Sites that are blocked at school will also be blocked on Chromebooks at home. All filters inherently have holes; the best filter is teaching students to be safe and smart online coupled with appropriate supervision by adults.

It is possible for parents to set up an additional filter to limit more websites at home.  Setting an additional filter will not enable parents to unblock sites blocked by the school filter through the Chromebook.  If you are interested in this option, check with your Internet provider for options or use a third party tool such as OpenDNS.  Both free and paid options are available.

Online Safe, Online Smart

Parenting with Mobile Technology 

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